Below is a list of links to the album pages, followed by a long alphabetical list of the individual songs performed or penned by the duo. It is not complete. Those with additional info or corrections are encouraged to email me at

Seals & Crofts (1969) / Down Home (1970) / Year of Sunday (1972) / Summer Breeze (1972) / Diamond Girl (1973) / I and II (1974) / Unborn Child (1974) / I'll Play For You (1975) / Greatest Hits (1975) / Get Closer (1976) / Sudan Village (1976) / One On One (1977) / Takin' It Easy (1978) / Collection (1979) / Longest Road (1980) / Lote Tree (ca. 1980) / Today (1998, 2000) / Traces (2004)

001Advance Guards
002All Is Well
003All I've Ever Known
004Alone To Face the Years
005Ancient Of the Old
006Another Night In the City
008Arkansas Traveller
009Ashes In the Snow
011The Báb
012Baby Blue
013Baby Don't Love Here Anymore
014Baby I'll Give It To You#58
015Baby's In theYard
016Baby It's You
017Be My Little Darlin'
019Best Wishes
020Beverly Hills
021The Big Attraction
022Big Friday
023Big Mac
024Birthday Of My Thoughts
025Blessed Is the Spot
026Blue Bonnet Nation
027Blue Roses
028Blue Smoke
030The Boy Down the Road
031Breaking In a Brand New Love
032The Buffalo Song
033Can't Say No
034Castles In the Sand
035'Cause You Love
036A Chance To Say I Love You
037Chinese Lanterns
038Cocoa Butter
039Come On
040Cotton Mouth
041Cover Girl
042Cows Of Gladness
043The Cricket Song
044Dance By the Light of the Moon
045Desert People
047Diamond Girl#6
048Doggone It
049Don'tcha Think You're Over Doing It?
050Don't Fail
051Doubting Thomas
052Dust On My Saddle (Mud On My Boots)
054East of Ginger Trees
055Egypt, Israel & America
056Eighth of January
057Equal Chance
058The Euphrates
059Everybody's Doin' the Jerk
060Everything You Touch (Turns To Love)
061Everywhere I Go
062Exception To the Rule
064Fiddle In the Sky
065Fire And Vengeance
066First Love
067First Love Never Dies
068The First Year
069Florence, a Willow Girl
070Follow Me
071Foolin' Around
072Forever Like the Rose
074Freaks Fret
075Frog Legs
076Funny Little Man
077Gabriel Go On Home
078Garden of Ridván (A)
079Garden of Ridván (B)
080The Gate
081Get Closer#6
082Get This Girl To Marry You
083Giddy Up Mother
084Girl Most Likely
085Girls On the Beach
086Golden Rainbow
088Goodbye Is a Lonesome Word
089Goodbye Old Buddies
090Got To Have a Song By Monday
091Granny Will Your Dog Bite?
093Greying Eyes of Time
095Hand-Me-Down Shoe
097Harvest Years
098Hear Me Now
099He's Looking Better With Every Beer
100High On a Mountain
101Hold It Up To the Light
103Hollow Reed
104How You Do It (Gangsta Gangsta)
106Hurtin' Thing
108I Ain't Got a Right
109I Believe In Her
110I Can Do It Better
111I Can't Stand the World
112I'd Feel Better If I Knew
113I Do
114I Don't Rate No More
115I Keep Changing the Faces
116If And Any Day
117If You See My Love
118I Laughed So Hard I Cried
119I'll Be Satisfied
120I'll Play For You#18
121I'm Gonna Ask Him
122I'm Still In Love With You
123I'm the One
124In His Own Time
125Intone My Servant
126In Tune
127Irish Linen
128Island of Forevermore
129Is That What You Want?
130I Talked You Right Out of My Arms
131It Came To Me
132It'll Cost No More
133It's Alright To Cry
134It's Always Been
135It's Gonna Come Down (On You)
136It's Never Too Late
137It Went Home
139Jekyll and Hyde
141Jewel in the Lotus
142John Wayne
144Jumping Bean
145Keep It Comin'
146King of Nothing#60
147Kite Dreams
148Lady Heartbreak
150Leave My Girl Alone
153Lonely Treasure
154The Longest Road
155Looking For Evergreens
156Look Out For That Moose
157Love Conquers All
158Love Is a Bird
159Love Takes No Prisoners

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