Pop-Rock Troubadours

Won’t you let the music take you….

“Don’t you ever stop the music….”

Jimmy Seals and Dash Crofts – two Texas musicians who were enormously popular in the 1970s, remembered for their hits Summer BreezeHummingbirdDiamond Girl, We May Never Pass This Way Again, and Get Closer. They made their pop/rock sound famous with incredible vocal harmony, musicianship and Baha’i-inspired songs.



Seals & Crofts / Now Playing:
New Summer Breeze Release In High Quality Quadraphonic!


April, 2024

New Release: Summer Breeze, From the Original Quad Mix!

Seals & Crofts, the iconic rock superstars, burst onto the music scene in the late sixties, captivating audiences with their incredible harmonies and unforgettable songs like Summer Breeze. From 1972 to 1976, the duo had a string of five gold albums for Warner Bros., with an additional greatest-hits compilation certified double platinum.

Transferred From The Original Half-Inch Four-Channel Masters
Blu-ray With 192/24 Resolution Quadraphonic And Hi-Res Stereo Mixes.

Quadraphonic sound, or 4.0 surround sound, utilizes four audio channels connected to four speakers positioned at the corners of a listening space. The multi-tracked audio is mixed dimensional, immersing the listener in an expansive soundscape.

“The Seals & Crofts Companion”
by Tony Bentivegna

A full length, detailed biography coming in late 2024! The Seals & Crofts Companion will feature in-depth interviews with the duo, extensive backgrounds on their illustrative careers and Baha’i influences, song-by-song analysis, road stories, discography, concert history and more!

Seals & Crofts 2

The legacy lives on with Seals & Crofts 2! Dash’s daughter Lua and country roots musician Brady Seals are carrying on the tradition by recreating the hits in concert along with some of their own compositions.

Visit their website at https://www.sealsandcrofts2.com. Their show is not one to be missed!

Tribute to Jimmy Seals

Jimmy grew up in poor, bleak areas of West Texas, mastered several instruments, and became a gifted spiritually-themed songwriter when he studied the sacred writings of the Baha’i Faith. In conversation, Jimmy was always searching and espousing themes of unity, justice, and world peace. His musical style went far beyond the soft rock label. He could play old-time fiddle tunes, sing with soul, spin Coltrane-inspired solos on the sax, and nail down a hard rock groove on electric guitar as well. He experimented with two-toned throat singing. But it was his songwriting, acoustic guitar work, and elaborate collaborations with the voice and mandolin of Dash Crofts that took flight. Jimmy was a humble humanitarian, helping countless families in Costa Rica when he moved there to establish a coffee farm. Most of all, he was kind-hearted and a father figure to many.   (See Jimmy Seals’ obituary in Rolling Stone)


Apple Music

Vibe out with the Apple Music playlist, blending Seals & Crofts’ most popular singles with new-to-you album tracks.


Relax to the sounds of the Seals & Crofts playlist including tracks from all their albums on Spotify.


Enjoy the tracks of the 1975 Seals & Crofts Greatest Hits album here on YouTube.


This Seals and Crofts/Greatest Hits collection (1975) included a new version of “When I Meet Them,” which first appeared on Year of Sunday.

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